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Electric Cars Portland

In your search for a new electric car, it is necessary to consider all the options. Portland in Oregon state, or Portland in Maine are both going to have used car and new car lots that sell automobiles with excellent gas mileage. In many cases, these are hybrid vehicles which will likely get 50mpg or better. With a true electric car, you can expect to get more than 300 miles per gallon of gasoline consumed.

With more innovative mechanical designs and more technologically advanced batter cells, electric cars in Portland and in the rest of the United States will become more efficient, and more inexpensive cars to purchase.

On the new and used car market these days, you are likely to find a selection dominated by the Toyota Prius, Honda Accent, and luxury electric autos such as the Tesla Roadster and their recent electric sedan.

These cars require an electric converter that can plug directly into your electricity outlets in your garage. Without burning lots of gas and oil, these cars also reduce worldwide carbon emissions immensely.

Saving money on fuel consumption as well as protecting the environment are the main motivations of consumers who are shopping for electric cars in Portland. With a more fuel efficient vehicle, it is perfectly normal to decrease transportation costs by more than half.

Perusing a new car lot may seem intimidating, but you must not be afraid of the salesmen. They are trying to sell you a new electric car, but they are also well informed, and well suited to answering your questions regarding your new car purchase.

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